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original artwork

​These are all my latest original paintings, available online or via the studio or galleries. If you see one you like that is sold please contact me to see if there are any similar works in progress in the studio.

NEW - I'm delighted to offer an 'view in-room' service.  Now you can see what the painting would look like actually on your wall. Email me with photos and sizes of your wall/room and details of the painting/s you'd like to see there.  I'll then send send a room mockup showing the painting/s in your room. Email me here for your personalised viewing.


It is sometimes possible to produce one-off bespoke prints on paper or canvas of some of these paintings, please do ask me for details. You can view the current print range here.

hey... my new season paintings are coming soon. If you'd like to be the first to see them, please sign up for my newsletter here

"Your style is vibrant, bright and full of life and often of places we adore so add sentimentality.
The uniqueness of your paintings combined with their bright colour palate make them somehow more accessible and enjoyable than more traditional paintings."  
Paul Mawer

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