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© Helen Elliott

Colour. Line. Design.

Colour, line and design coincide with riotous fun as I explore my favourite places in paint. 

My Favourite Places collection of paintings were begun many, many, many years ago, and developed from my love of colour, and and of the people and places where I live and play.

These colourful, place based paintings are purely about  the joy of experiencing paint on canvas and are built up in many layers, using years of expertise and developed technique, combined with  creativity and imagination.

They are created using chalk, fluid and heavy body professional grade acrylics, which are both very highly pigmented mediums, on a ground of textured  gels and pumice. This gives a unique depth and texture to the finished painting. Each painting is made up of many successive, almost transparent, but highly pigmented layers, which has the effect of partially revealing under-layers.


These originals are signed on the front and signed and dated on the back. Sometimes there will be a surprise on the back too, as I like to record the start and finish dates on paintings - and this can be up to five years!


Prints, made to Fine Art Trade Guild standards, are available of this collection, see the Editions page.