Ever wondered what makes a good painting great?

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I am author of 'Creative Me'  Keys to Creativity (Graffeg, 2015) 

and have regular articles published in Artist's and Illustrators, Leisure Painter 

and Psychologies magazines.

I am also an accredited Golden Artist Paints, Inc, Artist-Educator.

I host a free to join FaceBook community group 'The Artist Mentoring Group' for artists of all abilities.

You can also join my painting demos on my YouTube Channel

My studio, gallery, and workshop experiences

won Gold in the 2018/19 Visit Carmarthenshire Awards.

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a brand new series of recorded, downloadable workshops from my studio:
*Creative Confidence*
*Journalling the Essentials of Painting*
*Abstracting the Landscape*
*Winter Sketchbook*
*Abstracting the Landscape*
*The Art of Colour*
*Drawing the Figure*

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See what previous participants are saying:






"I most enjoyed just listening to Helen talk about art. It makes me excited to think that this is my new adventure.

I can no longer do my old hobbies, so I am relieved and happy to have found something I can enjoy, after a couple of years of not being able to do anything creative at all."

Kasturi Tussler, June 2020

"I have enjoyed all of Helen's workshops I have so far attended. I think Helen is a great teacher and she generously shares all she has learnt about creating art. I like all the tips and techniques to help develop my own art, and continue to learn and challenge myself."

Carla Jeffery, June 2020

Available Now

Limited number of One to One
portfolio assessment and
artist mentoring sessions.

 Book a slot, or a series, to suit your needs.

Laser focussed troubleshooting or gentle developmental support.

We'll work in a way that gets you the results you want to see in your artwork, fast.

For details -see my Artist Mentoring page



I live in Tenerife so being able to do this workshop from home via Zoom was fantastic!

Helen is such a good teacher in how she explains and demonstrates and even though we were not in the same room I didn't feel like it took anything away from the experience.

I felt more comfortable and free being in my own home and therefore not intimidated by seeing others work. 

I enjoyed all of it, spending time with Helen and seeing how she builds a picture was wonderful, pushing and challenging my own creative self, seeing everyone else’s work and different styles at the end of the day. 

As a complete beginner, I didn’t have high expectations but taking photos each day of my work I can now see the massive improvement from day 1 through to day 4. 

I have learnt so much and looking forward to my 121 feedback with Helen, and to continue learning my new hobby!

Sharon McCully, May 2020

"This is the first time I have taken part in an online course and it worked really well. Because I was at home on my own, I didn’t feel distracted by others in the group and wasn’t tempted to compare work. A large group in a room face to face may not have been so productive for me, as I feel I made really good use of the time.
Helen’s way of teaching was superb, with a great mix of demonstration and theory, along with encouragement. I feel that I was challenged to get out of my comfort zone and explore new ways of working, which was exactly what I wanted."

  Sarah Jones, May 2020

I loved being able to ask questions of someone so talented as Helen. Making new art friends. Daily lessons which were fun.
Having my journal at the end of the week as a reference. I wish I could do it every day.

Ali Woodgate,  June 2020

I have attended training with Helen before, but not one on Journalling the Essentials, therefore I knew the course would be well planned and fun! As well as packed full of excellent advice and that I’d be pushed beyond my comfort zone!

Rosemary Oldham, June 2020

I wanted to learn more about what makes a good painting. I loved the Creative course I did with Helen in May, so signed up for this one straight after. The design section was most useful as it was new to me. Learning more about the process of creating a painting that's from your creativity, and the section on 'magic'. 

Carla Jeffery, June 2020


Thank you again for a lovely day ... I will definitely be coming along to paint with you again.

I'm an engineer so everything I do at work is about detail and precision. I love the colours in your paintings and how you manage to simplify the images and keep them recognisable but stop them looking childish. 

Now I feel a lot more confident about how to build my painting up in layers - and not get too worried about it looking a mess at the beginning. I've learned so many new techniques and tips - thank you.



I lacked confidence to start my own project and initially worried I would not be able to keep up - this soon dissipated however.   

I enjoyed being able to plan and draft an interesting landscape ​I learned so much and Helen put me completely at my ease. I was very happy with Helen’s advice and suggestions throughout. 


The day was intense but extremely enjoyable. I could have come back the next day to paint more!" 

Booking myself a spot on the course was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


Helen is not only an accomplished artist but she is a natural teacher and an excellent mentor. Her guidance and honest advice, both with my artwork and in beginning my new career as an artist, are invaluable.


I cannot recommend the course highly enough!'


What an absolutely brilliant; superb; inspirational; magical; creative; uncomfortable; positive; collaborative; supported; encouraging; challenging; refreshing; freeing; calming; energising; roller-coaster of emotions day


And her comments 4 years later -  Little did I know four years ago today, that a weekend with Helen Elliott was going to change the direction my life would take - and improve it beyond measure. Feeling really blessed that I am where I am right now.



Something you’d like to ask about art or creativity,

or a specific enquiry one of my workshops?


First, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions below.

If your answer isn’t there, contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I'm new to art/coming back to it after a break and not sure where to start.
Are the workshops suitable for me?

Yes, absolutely.

Firstly, no one is a complete beginner. To get as far as reading this you have identified that creative urge within you, that joy of paint, that curiosity that asks what next, what if?

Be Brave. Have a look at these workshops and see which one resonates with you.  If you are starting out on your artistic adventure and really want to know about colour palettes, designing a painting, different tools and surfaces then you would benefit from the "Jornalling the Essentials' workshop.  Those with some experience, or no experience but of an adventurous disposition,  will find that all of these workshops would be suitable. 

Message me if you have any questions.

I don't have many paints, will they do? What materials will I need?

Yes certainly they'll do, start where you are with what you have.

Gratitude is the key here. Gratitude can turn the humblest pant set into a treasure, the smallest studio space into a palace.

Mindset is more important than a fully stocked art cupboard - but that is nice too of course!

All my workshops are taught in acrylic paints with a large side helping of mixed media.

Each workshop does have a specific list of suggested paints, canvases and papers and for teaching, I do suggest a mix of student grade and professional paints. When you enroll on the workshop I will email my suggestions for you. But don't let thoughts that you'll need a massive investment in equipment put you off. Start with what you have, and what you'd like next will become clear.

Will I get feedback on my painting and progress?

Yes certainly, if you want it.

Unlike many online art workshops, my focus is on an individual approach, and you getting what you need from the time we spend together. In my opinion, part of that is being able to give your students individual support and individual feedback.

What if I can't make the times and dates?

No worries.

These workshops are broadcast live on the times and dates stated. But you are welcome to sign up for the workshop and receive the full live broadcast, downloadable and saveable,with no expiry date, almost immediately after broadcast (we need to compress and upload the files first).

You'll have the same access the Facebook group, the learning materials, and the feedback on your work as the rest of the group, just in your own time. Downloads and access to the group is unlimited. To keep things focussed, individual feedback is limited, as it is with folk attending live, to questions after each day's session and there is the same final written feedback on your work completed during the sessions, as for those participating live receive. 

I'd like to take one of your courses. How do I know which one is right for me?

Fabulous news!

I offer four live, online signature painting workshops all with 121 support and feedback, plus one in-depth 'apprenticeship' which focuses more on the business of art.

All come with an invitation to my private Facebook community, which is incredibly warm and welcoming, and I'm always around and happy to help.

Feel your way with your choice. One of these will resonate more than the others for you. Start there.

Journalling the Essentials 

This is best if you’re a beginner with art, or returning to it after a while. Working together in a journal we'll fill the pages with the 'essentials' of painting:

Line - how to sketch and how to use these in your work.

Colour - understand and explore how, and why, to use colour in your paintings. How to mix a cohesive colour scheme. How to find colours that work for you in your paintings.

Design - what is it and why it's important in making great paintings

Paint and mixed media - acrylic paint what is it, how it works; mixed media - open the box and have some fun!

Brushes and tools - methods of putting the paint on.

All of this in a personalised journal format that you can refer to over and over.

Creative Confidence

is my most popular course, created in response to the question any artists have about moving fro enjoying painting to finding our own artistic style and voice, and importantly a greater satisfaction with our own path, style, and direction.  It's a deeper dive into what makes us artists, connects us to our inspiration and establishes methods to help us create cohesive and 'true-to-you' work.

Sketchbook Workshop

these joyful, connective, grounding seasonal workshops focus on building an artist’s sketchbook, with colour notes, 

During the four days we work on:

Expressive ark making and drawing in a variety of media.

Identifying seasonal motifs, shapes and themes for our work.

Exploring and refining a seasonal colour palette that can be incorporated into our studio paintings

A seasonal opportunity to slow down, observe, review and refresh our artistic practice and ourselves.

The Art of Colour


Explore with me my favorite part of art - the foundation, the essence of great paintings - colour.

'Color is all. When color is right, form is right. Color is everything, color is vibration like music; everything is vibration.'' Chagall

Using acrylic paints, we will explore through hands-on exercises on paper, and using some of the 20th centuries greatest painters as our guides, just why colour is so essential and so exciting.

Why do Teal and Cadmium red vibrate so well together?

Why is quinacridone red more suitable for glazes than cadmium red? Why is a thimble full of red more powerful than a bucketful?​​

Yes I'm really interested, can't wait! where can I get an art mentoring fix from you?  

Great question!

Come and join my free community of FaceBook.

Everyone is welcome, whatever level of perceived ability or experience.

Click on the link to join us.