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Creating and Keeping a  Studio Journal
  • Creating and Keeping a Studio Journal

    By creating a Studio Journal you create a personal document recording your insights, thoughts and best bits from your rough work and sketches. It's so much more that a sketchbook - an entirely different animal. It is one the three important foundations of being a successful artist. (IMO, the others are colour and drawing or line as I refer to it, sounds less scary!)


    In this workshop, I show you how to create a journal from existing, perhaps unloved sketchbooks,  how to make your own from sheets of paper. and how I keep and use my studio journals.


    Working through the film, I explain the importance of tuning in and developing the practice of noticing what you notice, and recording this in your journal.

    Like the mark of a fine pen? write it in there.

    Prefer ultramarine to cyan? paint it in there.

    Like a little bit of the colour mixing you did? tear it off the sheet and stick it in your journal.

    All these little breadcrumbs, all these sparks of 'yeses' are gold for you and your creativity.

    Studio Journal now with me, it really is the key to your creativity.

    Your studio journal is a route map to the easiest way of making your best art.

    Never run out of ideas

    Keep motivated

    Aspire to your best art

    Remain excited about making art

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