June - 16,17,18,19 


 “Journaling the Essentials of Painting” 


A four-day journalling workshop looking into design, colour, process, of 'how art works'.  What it is that makes a good painting great and how to apply these lessons to your own work. 


Suitable for all abilities, including enthusiastic beginners and those who want to take their paintings to the next level.


  • A daily 2 hour live, interactive group tutorial /demonstration each morning from 10am - 12noon BST.

  • Downloadable demonstration films of the course.

  • Workshop notes and guidance.

  • Daily live Q&A and review session after class.

  • Emailed individual feedback, based on your experience over the four days.  


The workshop is delivered via a Zoom meeting room so that we can all see each other, as we would in a face to face workshop.


Final planning for Tuesday's 'Essentials' workshop - and there's still time to join us.


It's live on line for two hours per day, Tuesday to Friday. Suitable for all abilities.

Here's the outcomes, that you can expect to learn from demonstration, practice and discussion at the workshop.



* Filled your journal with four sections: Colour, Line, Design and Magic. This will form a valuable reference book, helping you make your paintings more of how you want them to be, more of the time.


*Been introduced to Colour Theory, understand the importance of colour value and how to use it in your compositions.


* Seen my favourite colour mixes and colour schemes and identified and practiced your own personalised colour schemes.


* Understand design principles and how they can be applied to paintings.


*Understand common design mistakes in paintings and how to correct them.


*Explored the importance of line and mark making in your work. Discovered marks that resonate with you and your practice.


* Explored your own discernment and have tools to open the box where your own creative magic lives......


All this in your own hand-painted journal.


The workshop is priced at £90 for four days.

You'll need a sketchbook and a basic set of acrylics.

Feedback from previous participants:
Having met Helen on a couple of occasions, her readiness to share her ideas and her enthusiasm I felt I would get a lot out of this course, and I did!  Rosemary Oldham


As a complete beginner, I didn’t have high expectations but taking photos each day of my work I can now see the massive improvement from day 1. I have learned so much and looking forward to continuing learning my new hobby!  Sharon McCully


This is the first time I have taken part in an online course and it worked really well. Because I was at home on my own, I didn’t feel distracted by others in the group and wasn’t tempted to compare work. Helen’s way of teaching was superb, with a great mix of demonstration and theory, along with encouragement. I feel that I was challenged to get out of my comfort zone and explore new ways of working, which was exactly what I wanted.  Sarah Jones


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