workshops from my studio for you to take

at home

For this course you will recive access to password protected pages on my website. There you can access the video tutorials and tasks. There are 6 tasks each taking 1-2 hours so you can spread the course over a couple of days or do a task a day for a week. You can post pictures of what you are doing into a private forum to receive feedback from myself and other learners (I will be available to give feedback for one week after the course access starts). Access to the group will remain for 3 weeks so you can complete tasks. If you can't join us on the day you will be able to see all the tutorials for 3 weeks. You will need some basic art equipment. 


The workshop will be supportive, with lots of encouragement to help you put pencil to paper. It is about an approach to drawing - about looking for shapes and symbols in nature so you can find your creative flow. You will be encouraged to experience nature, to breathe and really look. You'll finish the course with a simple sketchbook that you have made, and lots of drawings and ideas to create more interesting sketchbooks that tell a story. 


You'll need access an outside space.


We will:


Make an unfolding sketchbook

Get outside to gather and collect

Draw directly from what we see and find

Create a narrative around the season


You will need a4 cartridge paper/coloured or painted paper/collected papers eg enevlopes - pencils, fineliner, paper scissors and a pritt stick. Also acrylic paint or emulsion paint. A kit with some extra creative treats will be posted to you before the workshop.


The content is based on an original 'live' workshop on a day that runs from approx 10 to 4 (though as this is now online you can choose your time framework). You'll get to see where I work (filmed in my studio - I will take you on a tour!). Some materials will be posted to you - some everyday art items you will need to provide. You'll need to provide your own tea and biscuits and make a sign that says "Keep out" ;)