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This new collection of shoreline-inspired 'drawn paintings' captures the liminal space and light between sea and land.

The work is created from memories of places that I know in Wales, Yorkshire, and Brittany. Taking sketches and drawings as a starting point  I worked directly onto raw birch wood panels, using charcoal, oils, and acrylics. I have achieved my aim with these paintings when the confidence of the drawing can be seen, the juiciness of the paint felt, the surface is visible, the brushstrokes evident, and the place evoked.

In this series seasonality was important, getting the light right to evoke a feeling not only of between sea and land but between summer and autumn and between the day and night.  There's also an optimism in these paintings.  The knowledge that the tide is always turning, and that the light is always there for us to see. 


I am very happy with the results.

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