"Malton Market"


Colour and design have been the primary interests in my work for over 30 years.

A lifetime of imagery, millions of brushstrokes, of decisions, and iterations are condensed and contained into a single painting.


A painting doesn’t reveal itself all at once (to the painter or the viewer) but reflects, bit by bit, unfolding recognition. The paint brushed or wiped on becomes a place, recognition of place then becomes a memory, memory returns to the place and back again to the painting.


The greatest joy for me is to put paint on the canvas; that first initial brushstroke, full of excitement and optimism. My second greatest joy is to have somebody look at the painting and say “I know that place, I recognise that feeling, I know where you were, in your heart when you painted this. I know where you were and what you were feeling right there, right then, and I like it.”  That’s the essence of painting for me; the communication between the viewer and the artist, and that’s a rare moment. And that is something to celebrate.





Signed and dated on the reverse.

Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 60cm.

Framed size 70 x 70cm, approx.


Framing and delivery are included in the price.


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Malton Market

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