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White Roses, Anniversary
  • White Roses, Anniversary

    White Roses - Anniversary

    150 X 100cm, oil on canvas. 


    I just love painting on a large scale. It means I can be looser and more exploratory in mark-making.

    In using this looser, pared-down line and design to express freshness and joy at the start of spring, and a new era, I am distilling, on canvas and with paint, what matters most to me in a painting. I'm enjoying the challenge of stripping back extraneous detail, working out how to best use line, design and colour to communicate my joy in experiencing the subject.


    Colour first, followed by texture, finally the subject. That's what makes me smile.


    Distilling the overload of sensory information into a few simple brush strokes, choosing colours that enhance the line,  I hope shows the essence of many years of art practice. How the paint works and is applied, time spent of studying and tuning into the marks and colors that resonate with my creative practice.


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