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Autumn Delight
  • Autumn Delight

    'Autumn Delight' 



    The 6th of my Slow Sunday Flowers exploratory collection.

    Mixed media on canvas. 

    30 x 40cm.




    Autumn Delight is me reveling the colours and bright light that early November has been gifting us. 
    Inspired by a few what I think are wild cherry berries (I'd be grateful if anyone could identify them), lavender and thyme flowers. Partnered with my favorite colour combination of orange and minty pea green.



    I love flowers

    I love Sundays

    And I love to paint


    This series of weekly floral exploratory paintings are gathered here in a new 2021/2022  collection.

    Watercolours, inks, oils, pastels ... in this collection, I am allowing myself to play and explore with mixed media and my love of flowers. 



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