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Strumble Head

Strumble Head, West Wales. August 2023

Strumble Head Lighthouse was built by Trinity House in 1908, marking the dangerous stretch of coast between Ireland and Wales. It was manned until 1980 and has a light range of 26 nautical miles.

Interestingly, the original revolving lens system (weighing 4½ tons,) was supported in a bath of mercury to reduce friction.

Here's a short film about my visit and making the sketches in ink and charcoal, and a follow-up on the painting back in the studio.


The Light House Project, intoduction

Who knows where ideas are born? but born they are and sometimes, even if you try ignoring them they persist, keep popping up, in apparently random conversations, connections, creations.

So it was with lighthouses. I am a coastal person. I thrive on the changing light and weather of the coast. The constant movement. And I've long been fascinated by these buildings. The thought of visiting as much of the coast of the UK as possible was a dream from decades ago.

Only recently, early in 2023 did it solidify into lighthouse visiting and painting.

I've no plans for this project other than

taking two years to visit and paint as many of these fascinating lifesaving buildings as I can. My aim is to simply appreciate the coast and buildings, the history and people involved with them, share and enjoy the painting.

Looking forward to the different places, weathers, sea states and seeing where this project takes me.


Studio journal

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