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Seamu, Ship of Dreams
  • Seamu, Ship of Dreams

    Seamu, Ship of Dreams

    New painting ‘Ship of Dreams’

    This work started about three years ago on the night of a big full moon and the recent full moon has seen its completion.

    There is a lot of imagination and feeling in the painting, as it is linked to an interesting story. As I’ve been painting I have been thinking of this true tale.

    This painting is of a little boat called Seamu. It was built by hand by my husband’s great grandfather. He also built a scale model of it which is about a foot long and which sits in our lounge covered in twinkly lights. I like to think if these as hopes and dreams.

    My husband‘s great grandfather and his family lived in Port Glasgow where he worked at the shipyards. Work became scarce and opportunities presented themselves for work further south down the east coast at Blythe.

    So he built this boat to get there. Then he packed up his wife, his two children, and all the family furniture and navigated the Forth river to the east coast, where they headed out to sea turned right and sailed into the North Sea and down the coast to Blythe. At Blythe he became a successful engineer in the shipyard belonging to Brighams and Cowan, this company then set up in Hull in East Yorkshire shortly afterwards taking great grandfather and family with them. And it’s this company that my husband still runs today, along with his father and son.



    Acrylic on canvas.

    60cm x 50cm


    Framed size approx 70 x 60cm

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