Safe Harbour - is an oblong shaped imaged available as fine art prints that are hand made in our studio and delivered to your door.


  • Printed to the highest Fine Art professional standards, using only archival substrates and pigment ink, for lightness and longevity.
  • Our bespoke, hand-made deep sided frames are designed to enhance any room decor. 
  • Limited Edition fine art prints are all hand signed and numbered.
  • A Certificate of Authenticity and Quality is included with all limited editions.
  • Prints on canvas or paper. Choose your option in the drop down box.
  • These prints are oblong landscape
  • Custom print sizes are available. Please contact us specifying the print width you'd like and we will get back to you with a quote.
  • The ©Helen Elliott is not visible on purchased pictures.
  • For international shipping please not on our list contact us for a quote.


'Safe Harbour' is an oblong shaped print and the print sizes available are:

Framed Print Sizes:

mini 23.5x23.5x1.5cm (image edited to be square for this print)

standard oblong 55x35x4cm

large oblong 42x77x4cm

Unframed Print Sizes:

standard oblong 50x30cm

large oblong 37x72cm

Framed Canvas Sizes

standard oblong 30x60x4cm

large oblong 42x90x4cm

Unframed Canvas Print Sizes:

oblong 50x20x4cm

oblong 80x32x4cm


Safe Harbour

  • Oblong Prints

    Framed Paper Print Sizes:

    mini 23.5x23.5x1.5cm (image size 15x15cm)

    standard oblong image 55x35x4cm (image size 13x33cm)

    large oblong image 42x72x4cm (image size 45x18cm)


    Unframed Paper Print Sizes:

    standard oblong images 50x30cm (image size 33x13cm)

    large oblong images 37x72cm (image size 18x45cm)



    Framed Canvas Print Sizes:

    standard oblong images 30x60x4cm (canvas size 20x50cm)

    large oblong images 42x90x4cm (canvas size 32x80cm)


    Unframed Canvas Print Sizes:

    standard oblong 50x20x4cm

    large oblong images 80x32x4cm



    If you would like any additional information please email Chloe with your questions -

  • All framed and unframed paper prints are double mounted in an off-white mountboard that is the same colour as the fine art cotton rag paper that we print on to.


    Unframed mounted prints are supplied in a celophane bag with a branded banner wrap top left corner, certificate of authenticity attached to the backing of the print.


    Limited edtions for our Paper Prints are applied to standard and large sized prints. 


    The edition run is of 195.


    Mini Prints are only available on paper and are all open edition.

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© Helen Elliott