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Summer, Poppit
  • Summer, Poppit


                       "Summer, Poppit Spring"


    Yayy Summer!!, walking on the beach, gentle lapping waves, sea breezes, picnics......... everyone back on the beach, happy.


    A painting doesn’t reveal itself all at once (to the painter or the viewer) but reflects, bit by bit, unfolding recognition. The paint applied becomes a feeling, feeling becomes a thought, and thought returns me to the place and back to the painting.


    The greatest joy for me is to put paint on the canvas; that first initial brushstroke, full of excitement and optimism. My second greatest joy is have somebody look at the painting and say “I know that place, I recognise that feeling, I know where you were, in your heart when you painted this. I know where you were and what you were feeling right there, right then, and I like it.”

    That’s the essence of painting for me; the communication between the viewer and the artist, and that’s a rare moment. And that is something to celebrate.


    My paintings are made up of many successive, almost transparent, but highly pigmented layers of paint, with a final layer of thinly applied, almost dry opaque paint, which has the effect of partially revealing under-layers.


    Signed on the front, signed and dated on the reverse.

    Acrylic on canvas 120  x 100cm.



    Framing and insured delivery included in price.







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