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Cherry Blossom Time
  • Cherry Blossom Time

    Cherry Blossom Time

    60x 60cm acrylic on canvas. Framed.


    Oh what joy, what perfection is the short lived cherry blossom. I paint it to frieze time, to have that feeling in my heart forever.

    Distilling the overload of sensory information into a few simple brush strokes, choosing colours and textures that enhance the blooms, tuning into the marks and colors that resonate with my creative practice.


    The collection of paintings for the Bath Art  Fair see a paring down of line and design to express and freshness and joy in the start of spring, and a new era.  I am distilling, on paper and with paint, what matters most to me in a painting.  I'm enjoying the challenge of stripping back extraneous detail, working out how to best use line, design and colour to communicate my joy in experiencing the subject.

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