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© Helen Elliott

Helen Elliott

Contemporary Colourist

 Expressionist Painter of Landscape and Life

Hello there.  I'm an established, internationally represented artist, based in

the Yorkshire Wolds and West Wales, UK.


After being asked to leave the art class at school being told I couldn’t paint,

I developed my own unique style, working intuitively with colour and composition.


Twenty five years later I teach,  have my own gallery in West Wales, exhibit internationally, and enjoy mentoring emerging artists.


I am a certified GOLDEN paints Artist Educator

and author of “Creative Me” The Joy of Paint. 


My six week online workshop

"The Artist Development Programme"

is designed to support artists of all levels reach

the next stage of their artistic career.

Just like an online apprenticeship,

with all the support, encouragement and skills needed to

help you make your next big artistic leap.  

2020 ADP starts 1st March, enquires now welcome