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My career as a professional artist spans over 25 years and I'm fortunate to have collectors worldwide.

My paintings are described as colourful observations of life and laughter, and are based very much in the landscape of imagination, emotion and memory.

I currently live, and have working studios in both

West Wales and East Yorkshire.

After 15 years of working from my home studio in Wales, I married a Yorkshire man who offered me his large old shipwright's workshop on the banks of the River Humber, as a studio. I

could not refuse this offer and now work part time in Yorkshire, and part time in Wales.

The paintings that I work on in Yorkshire take the form of large abstracts,  based, again on landscape, emotion and memory.

I am a certified GOLDEN paints Artist Educator

and author of “Creative Me” The Joy of Paint. 


My six week online workshop

"The Artist Development Programme"

is designed to support artists of all levels reach

the next stage of their artistic career.

"A  mini online apprenticeship,

with all the support, encouragement and skills needed to

help you make your next big artistic  leap." 

2020 ADP starts 15th March, enquires now welcome