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There is a Place
  • There is a Place


                                            "There is a place"


    An Original Painting from the 2019 Essence miminalistic collection.


                          Colour, Line, Design = Essence.


    The Essence collection of paintings was begun two years ago, and has seen me work at consistently striping down, taking back and minimising the experience of paint on canvas. They all  take as their starting point colour, line and design based on landscape references and sketches. 


    The series has had me thinking about simplicity, the place between past and present, the here and now. Distillation, minimisation of landscape and the refined use of colour and line, juxtaposed with complex texture, infinite subtle shifts of light. As well as an inexplicable obsession with lines.  



    The process of painting the pictures in The Essence Series.

    These paintings are created using chalk and fluid and heavy body professional grade acrylics, both very highly pigmented mediums, on top of a ground of textured pumice. This gives a unique depth and texture to the finished painting. 

    Each painting is made up of many successive, almost transparent, but highly pigmented layers, with a final layer of thinly applied, almost dry opaque paint, which has the effect of partially revealing under-layers


    Signed and dated on the reverse.

    No prints will be made of this collection.


     Acrylic on canvas 100 x 100cm, framed size 120 x 120cm.








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