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Llandeilo town

Llandeilo town

Llandeilo town 


This painting dates from 2000 and was painted as a centre piece for my first-ever solo show, held at Fountain Fine Art in Llandeilo. This is the painting that really launched my art career. I'm happy to say that this one sold from the window before the show opened.  It was a sister piece of Tenby Beach and Town - and these two remain firm favorites with print collectors.





I often think of the many paintings and prints that have gone from my hands into the homes and hearts of others. And how the simple pleasure I have had in creating them continues in another person’s life and home. And then I think, it’s not a bad occupation, it’s perhaps one of the best jobs in the world, to share these simple pleasures.



For international shipping not on our list please contact us for a quote.

  • Print Sizes & Prices

    ALL OUR PRINTS are hand-made to Fine Art Trade Guild quality standards.

    Edition sizes are limited to 195 for each print.

    We hand-make each print on heavyweight, acid-free paper, or archival-quality canvas. Each print comes with a  signed certificate of authenticity.

    Paper prints are double mounted in a  heavyweight, acid-free, snow-white textured mount, and are framed in an off-white, narrow-grained wooden frame.

    Please note that the shape of the print, i.e square or rectangular, is dependent upon the image chosen.


    Mini print  23.5x23.5x1.5cm. 

    Medium, paper, unframed 50x50x4cm or 60x50x4cm for rectangular formats.

    Medium, canvas, 40x40x4cm or 40x50x4 for rectangular formats. 

    Large, print on paper  60x60x4cm, or 60x70x4 for rectangular formats.

    Large, print on canvas, 60x60x4cm, or 60x70x4 for rectangular formats.


    Paper prints Medium. Framed £195, unframed £155

    Large.  Framed £295, unframed £255

    Canvas prints Medium. Framed £195, unframed £155

    Large. Framed £295,  unframed £255


    If you would like any additional information please email us.

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