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Just Paint January 2024 - recordings

Just Paint January 2024 - recordings



For those who would love to start painting, or would like to try with acrylic paint, or are returning to painting, or just want to get back in their creative groove.


Paint your first great acrylic painting with me, as we learn not only all about acrylic paint, but also about:

which colours to choose and why,

paint qualities,

paint viscosity,

thinning paint,

what brushes and other tools to use,

what to paint on,

the pros and cons of different surfaces,

drying times- speeding up and slowing down,

overworking the paint,

reworking the paint,

working with thick and thin paint,

using mixed media with acrylic,

cleaning brushes,

preserving acrylic work.

And a whole load more in response to the groups' questions over the sessions.


Over 4 hours of recorded live content from my studio. 


MATERIALS: Anything that you have to paint and draw with and on. Don't go to any expense until after the workshop when I've shown you some different materials and techniques. I'll be using acrylic paints and paper, oil pastel, chalk and charcoal, but use what you have to hand - water colour, kids paints, household emulsion .....

  • Accessing the recordings

    The recordings are stored on a private channel on YouTube.

    Material is copyrighted. Helen Elliott 2024.

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