Join me in my studio for this  new four day workshop.


June - 16,17,18,19


“Essentials of Painting”:


A four day journalling workshop looking into design, colour, process, suitable for all abilities, including enthusiastic beginners and those who want to take their paintings to the next level.


The workshop is delivered via a Zoom meeting room, so that we can all see each other, as we would in a face to face workshop.


Zoom is a free ‘app’ that you can use on a lap top, PC , tablet or phone. I have used zoom successfully to deliver workshops over the past year and once you get used to it, it is great, and easy to use. 

If you have any concerns I will set up a pre workshop meeting with you via Zoom, so that you can be comfy with the tech before we start.



  • A daily 2 hour live, interactive group tutorial /demonstration each morning from  10am - 12noon BST.
  • Downloadable demonstration films to support you after the course.
  • Downloadable workshop notes and guidance.
  • Daily live Q&A and review session after class.
  • Emailed individual feedback, based on your experience over the four days.  




A basic set of acrylic paints

A large scrap book with thick paper, A4 preferablly, or sheets of heavy weight paper.

Chalk, charcoal and any other mark making material you have to hand.


This will be sufficient for the workshop, however, I can recommend specific colours and paint brands,

and will send you these on booking.


See you soon,


Journalling the Essentials of Painting. June 16,17,18,19,

    VAT reg  341 5408 24

    © Helen Elliott