print sizes & framing information

mini prints

Framed Canvas Print: 30x30x4cm

Canvas Print: 20x20x4cm

Mini Framed Print:  23.5x23.5x1.5cm

standard size prints 


Framed Print: 50x50x4cm

Unframed Print: 45x45cm

Framed Canvas Print: 50x50x4cm

Canvas Print: 40x40x4cm


Framed Print: 50x60x4cm

Unframed Print: 45x55cm

Framed Canvas Print: 50x60x4cm

Canvas Print: 45x50cm


Framed Print: 55x35x4cm

Unframed Print:50x30cm

Framed Canvas Print: 60x30x4cm

Canvas Print: 50x20x4cm

large size prints


Framed Print: 70x70x4cm

Unframed Print: 65x65cm

Framed Canvas Print: 70x70x4cm

Canvas Print: 60x60x4cm


Framed Print: 70x80x4cm

Unframed Print: 65x75cm

Framed Canvas Print: 70x80x4cm

Canvas Print: 60x70x4cm


Framed Print: 42x77x4cm

Unframed Print: 37x72cm

Framed Canvas Print: 42x90x4cm 

Canvas Print: 32x80x4cm

N.B  The shape of the print you receive depends on the image you choose.

My originals were painted on oblong, rectangular or square canvases, and so the reproductions we make will be made to reflect that. You should see when you select an image what orientation it will have, once you have found the image you like, if you need to, pop back here to confirm the size you want .