what I wish I'd known when I started painting

Artist Friends ..... a little background for you about how I started as an artist and why I introduced the

Artist Development Programme

How I wish something like this Artist Development Programme had been available to me when I was ready to step up my art career.

I’d painted since about age six. But my joy and passion got shelved and ground down as ‘real life’ took over, career, family, responsibilities. And I didn’t resent that at all, no, I was happy. But the need to be creative never died, it found ways to blossom, through the cracks. I’d never been encouraged to paint, and like may of us artists, I found I ways that allowed a little creativity to emerge, without fully 'coming out' as an artist. Working in design, painting school sets, being the one who did the panto posters …… As an adult, I joined a night class I started selling in the 1980’s, one or two paintings at local shows. Then, over the next 30 years, gradually I learned to paint and I learned the business of art too.

Mine is not an unusual story, there are many people whom I have taught over the years with the same passion to paint as I had, and to my unending gratitude, still have. In my early career it took me years sometimes to figure things out, through trial and error. In building this knowledge about painting and about selling, sometimes when I asked for help and advice I was met with closed doors, and as I didn’t have a formal art training a lot of traditional avenues were also barred to me. But I made it, and am happy to say that for the last 15 years I have been a full time, professional artist who makes her living from sales of paintings. And I believe that if I can do it, if you really want it, you can too. I have been more fortunate in recent years to have met and have been inspired by a series of remarkable teachers; whose knowledge and generosity and belief in encouraging others has turned my life around. It is in this spirit that I am offering this unique opportunity, the Artist Development Programme to you. It’s a small group, web based ten-week immersive experience, delivered by group meetings, live and downloadable painting demos, loads of PDFs and transcripts, individual feedback on paintings and professional development. A chance to work alongside me for the next 10 weeks, and ask all the questions you need to get you where you want to be. Art is such a wellspring of joy, of great release and passion, I refuse to believe it is for an elite. I also refuse to believe, because I know this for a fact, that no-one (with very, very few exceptions - e.g the Rembrant’s of this world). No one is born brilliant at painting, or at the business of art. It is a learned thing. And it’s something that I can, and indeed would love, to teach you. This is the biggest, most robust, most complete ‘zero to hero’ art programme I have ever delivered. There’s a huge amount of input and information and I would think you will be working on this, integrating it into your own practice, for months, even years to come. This content provided is huge... it really is the main bulk of the material and knowledge that will enable you to take your paintings, and your ability to get them to your audience, to the next level. ADP is all the things they don’t teach you art school about being a thriving, successful artist in today’s art world … and then some. WHAT YOU NEED I can give you all this, but you need to be ready and committed to showing up and steadily doing the work. You’ll also need access to a computer and a Facebook account. You don’t need to have much experience - this is from beginner upwards! You don’t need masses of time. ADP is designed to fit in around our modern busy lives, and will have a neat trick or two to help you get the time you’ll need too. At the end of the ten weeks (or year - up to you what pace to take ADP at) you will have everything that I can show you, that you’ll need to take your art and your art career to the next level. You don’t need a massive supply of paints. It's all here. Don’t wait until it’s too late the start doing what you really love. I am here, ready to help you step up onto on your path. I am so confident, that if you are ready to step up your paintings and career to the next level, that the The Artist Development Programme will enable you to do so, that it is covered by a full money back guarantee. I would love to work with you to help you realise your dreams. The time is now. Thanks for reading all this, if you’d like to join do so here. http://adp.mykajabi.com If you have any questions, please email me here. mail@helenelliott.net REGISTRATION CLOSES 31/10/19