The Space Between

Nearly at the end of a six week 'residency' at my studio in Yorkshire, before returning to Wales to refresh and re-open my gallery there.

In the meantime, I am making the most of the space and getting my abstract groove on.

Here in Yorkshire I work in a huge, (and unheated) mezzanine level shipwright's workshop, that was once part of a thriving ship repair industry, which is now sadly all but gone.

I work in this huge space - about 40 x 50 foot - surrounded by ancient, huge woodworking machinery, in a workshop with a pitched, ancient skylighted roof, within a few feet of the mighty river Humber on one side and a few feet away from a large old cemetery on the other.

Although there are no direct windows to the river makes its presence is felt, and my paintings influenced by both the history of the place around me and the powerful constant tide of change, rebirth and renewal that the river impels me to think of.

This series of paintings has now been in process since last January and is starting to come together, as is the title "The Space Between". You can follow the progress on a separate Instagram account that I have for my abstract work @HelenMiltonArtist (my colourist work can be seen here @HelenElliottArt

I'm planning a show of these in October this year, so if you are interested in seeing them - let mw know and I will add you to my invite list.

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Here's some images of the work I'm engaged with there.

I'd love to hear what you think.