GWYC Hi all Starting 16th March 2020 I’m launching a new free web site accessible by joining up here:

GWYC is my response to the current shock we are all experiencing, based on a quote from HH Gwylang Drukpa that has long been an inspiration : “Give What You Can; whether it is knowledge, protection or inspiration.”

It seems to me this is the time for everyone to step up, and give what they can, in consideration of others. Be it a call to a senior person, organising essential deliveries, working in front line health care …or as small as giving free art lessons and colouring books.

We all have a part to play in this.

My part is small - starting Monday March 16th I’m launching GWYC, (Give What You Can) a dedicated website where I’ll be providing a series join-in art workshops. I hope maybe to get some other artists to skill share and inspire too.

Some will be for adults and some for children; there will also be downloadable colouring in sheets and books, and downloadable art workshop sheets.

And it's FREE - where ever you are in the world.

We all have a part to play in this unfolding event, and mine seems to be to give a little knowledge and inspiration. I hope that it will perhaps help lift a low mood, lighten a troubled heart, relieve a bored mind, extend a friendly hand and maybe even entertain a child.

There’s so much difficult news about, I believe it is important to lift the feeling when we can.

Because What we Think, we Become.

Access your free art resources here:

Please Share.