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My method of painting focuses on acrylic paints. I love acrylics because they are so flexible. They can be diluted by up to half with plain water washes, or beefed up with gels and mediums to act like thicker paints. Working in layers, pictures can be painted over and over and over again, which means more chances of getting a painting to 'work'. This means less paintings in the bin and more on the wall, leading to greater self efficacy. In other words, the more chance of success we give ourselves, the more we do achieve. And the more we achieve the more we believe we can do it, and this encourages us to keep trying. Therefore we're more likely to be successful. 


Golden Acrylics are artist quality paints, made to a professional industry standard allowing for maximised quality, lightfastness, mixability, conformity, stability, performance and colour shift (how a paint changes in colour from wet to dry).

Learn more by watching the video below.