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Create Your Art, Create Your Life

The video has limited audio.

To hear the music selected for this painting open this link to Spotify 

Slow Studio Session - demo & audio

Slow Studio Session - demo & audio

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I hope that you enjoy the film. After watching I'd love some feedback so I can improve this offering.

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An honest insight into an artist's studio and practice and into my thought processes when making a painting—insights into materials used and how I use them.

An understanding of the reflective practice of creativity and painting.

A look behind the scenes and a deeper understanding of the process of painting.



  • Watch me paint in my studio and on location and learn how I create my colourful artwork.

  • Watch my creative processes in real-time as I paint.

  • Discover my engaging tutorials designed to inspire and encourage you.

  • Experience the captivating flow of applying layers of paint.

  • Watch paint dry and observe your inspiration.

  • Approach your art-making with curiosity and questions.

  • Get ready to embark on a creative adventure.

  • Learn more about your art supplies, and use their qualities to elevate your work.

  • Be inspired to create art that delights and excites you

  • Gain knowledge of how to work through blocks and problems in a painting.

  • Explore the discipline of painting - what to do when it's not working.

  • Understand how to apply inspiration from sketch book to finished work.

  • Watching a live moment-by-moment painting evolve will help you get though, round or over your own creative blocks. "Inspiration is contagious - pass it on" (Einstein)

  • Help you carve out time and be excited to play within a creative space each week.

  • Explor what slowing down and having a reflective practice can do for you and your creativity.



In these weekly films I’m going to talk, but not much, these are not a step-by-step taught demonstrations. Sometimes I’ll explain bits of the processes and the colours, or design.

Mostly where there is commentary it'll be more about inspiration.


What I'd like you to gain from these films is what the process suggests to you.

How it inspires your own understanding or your creativity and processes. This will be unique to you. Remember - there's nowhere to be, you are already there.


Every month

Valid until canceled

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