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The Artist Support Pledge

During August I'm taking part in The Artists Support Pledge.

This will be online, via FB and Insta and in the studio and on this page on my website.


What's the Artists Support Pledge about?


 The truest value is not the gain, but the gift

ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE is a culture and economy in support of artists and makers established and led by artist Matthew Burrows in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is now a global movement of connected communities committed to an equitable and sustainable economy for artists and makers.

 Artists and makers sell their work for no more than £220.

Every time an artist reaches £1,100 of sales, they pledge to buy £220 of work from another artist.

ASP works by example, showing how a generous culture behaves and exploring the values that maintain its ethos.


You can see the works I have available as part of the Artist Support Pledge here, I'll be posting new work regularly, so please call back to see what's new.

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