Artist Support Pledge

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In light of the current situation, the wonderful #artistsupportpledge has sprung up with artists sharing work for sale under £200.

When five such sales are made each artist pledges to pass it forward by purchasing from another artist who is taking part. You can see which artists are participating by searching the hashtag #artistsupportpledge on Instagram.


So for every £1000 in sales of these pieces, I pledge to purchase a piece from another artist participating in the #artistsupportpledge.

All of these pieces are original artworks,  and some are at a reduced price to come under the #artistsupportpledge price threshold. I'll be posting these pieces on my Instagram feed throughout the next weeks, but you are able to access and purchase them, in advance here. Items marked 'out of stock are sold.

If you'd like to see a wider range of paintings available outside the Artist Support Pledge - please see here.

Thank you for your support of artists during this time.

After purchase, pieces will be delivered or shipped within 10 days.

(prices exclude p&p and VAT)