The ARtist Development Programme

benefit 1 

Six weeks tuition with me delivered via:

Weekly live painting demos - the 'how to' of painting, including:

Paints * Surfaces * Brushes * Paint tools * Paint Techniques * Gels, Pastes, Grounds * Skins * Planning paintings * Finding your style * Inspiration * Understand Value, Line, Design *  Understand colour and how to use it


Individual feedback on your paintings and progress.


Weekly live Q&A group session with me.


Downloadable PDF worksheets, information sheets, paint and tool tips.


Two complete start to finish paintings filmed, week by week and downloadable to keep. 


All resources are downloadable so that you can take the programme at your own pace - no need to rush it.

benefit 2

Being a successful artist is not only about having the 'How to Paint' knowledge, it is also about developing a mindset that will help you get to where you want to go.


The Artist Development Programme will give you these tools too.

In a supported, structured way you'll be encouraged to develop mindsets that will grow your creativity and confidence.


It really is true, and I have seen this many times, that the more we can take small risks in our work (and lives) the more we can expand our limitations, the more we can grow into the artists we are meant to be.


The uniqueness of The Artist Development Programme is that it is designed in such a way that these small steps are purposefully made easy for you to complete successfully; 

and the more success we experience with each small risk, the more confidence we grow in our ability to take the next one.

benefit 3 

You'll be learning with me.

I know - boy is it hard to 'blow your own trumpet', but you need to know that I have the experience, the knowledge, and moreover the desire to really help you. 


That I am a competent guide.

I do not claim to know it all, I myself love to always be learning.


I have been around long enough as a successful selling artist and workshop leader for you to be confident that I will do my best to show you, guide and help you along a path that will lead to be able to:

- make WOW paintings more easily

- be confident in your own creative path 

- be completely skilled up in the application of paint

- know who your audience are,

how to reach them and how to communicate with them.


fully downloadable

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