Questions commonly asked by those thinking of joining me, as answered by course participants:

  1. Is this course the right one for me?

  2. Am I good enough an artist to benefit from this course?

  3. Will I be able to access the technology to get the most out of the course?

  4. Will I be able to develop my art business with the advice given?

  5. Will I keep pace with the course?

  6. Is it worth the money?


  1. This was definitely the right course from me – easy question to resolve - when I signed up and Helen answered my call to confirm my basic queries about the course. Mainly about the focus being on the business of art as well as on how to develop your own ability as an artist

  2. Having had an initial discussion with Helen before the course began and sharing some of the images of my paintings, Helen was able to confirm that my art was at a stage where I would benefit from the tips and advice she has to offer as an experienced artist. She was absolutely right in this. Not only did I learn and experiment with new techniques but I gained confidence in the work I was producing

  3. As a self-confessed Luddite I was worried about joining in the on-line meetings, keeping pace with the advice offered about social media etc. Firstly Helen has created a safe space for the likes of me! The meeting details were sent via email as well as posted onto the closed group on Facebook. Helen kept contact with all of us to encourage us to take part (though there is no pressure to do this). She has taken us through the various benefits and pitfalls of the best know Social Media platforms that can be an aid to selling ‘ourselves as artists’ and our work. She has also encouraged us with creating our own websites and her feedback and the groups has been very welcome. She has responded quickly to any technical issues and taken a very inclusive, active approach to ensuring we can all access the information we need.

  4. Her meetings and her one to one sessions have been an invaluable, inspiring part of the course. The atmosphere is one of encouragement but also honesty which I believe is essential if we are to grow as artists. She has made it possible for the group members to feel they can say when things aren’t going well and offer time to explore why this may be. Within the Facebook ADP (Artist Development Programme) we have the opportunity to give positive feedback and encouragement from fellow artists that spot things that we ourselves may miss in our own work! This also applies to the way many of us are developing our (on-line) businesses as artists. 

  5. Though a course has to run to a timetable, Helen has been very astute in making sure the resources for the course (including recordings of on-line meetings) can be easily accessed. She has also made sure that this access extends beyond the initial weeks of the course so that from the start, information can be obtained for up to 12 months by members. She has split the time to include painting sessions and feedback, as well as discussions via on-line meetings (some 1:1) and where possible has varied these so that members can gain the most out of their time on the course. 

  6. I think it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made in a long while. Helen is keenly aware of the financial commitment her course members are making, in that she knows we are investing our hard-earned cash and to some extent taking a leap of faith. However, she has never taken this for granted. She has worked scrupulously to ensure that we have been given value for money. While she has provided on-line resources which are of value, I believe that the best resource we have all received from her is the time she has given to each and every one of us on this course – after all isn’t time the most value thing any of us have to offer?

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