APP is a 6-week online group programme that focuses on the three pillars of being a successful artist in today's art world;

1. How to use paint, design and colour.  Learning some simple skills can really make it easier in the studio for or you to create paintings you are happy with and that people who like your work will love.

2. How to develop the artist's mindset. In my 2015 book "creative Me' I explained that being an artist is not only about an ability to paint. This I see as just the tip of the iceberg; the base of the iceberg, the support and what is not seen is the mindset. This includes everything from how we easily and unintentionally sabotage our art and success to how we fear to live our best lives. And don't worry - we've all been there. It's normal, and it's overcomeable too.

3. How to find and communicate with people who will love your work, and who will want to have it in their homes.

ADP brings the same artist development work that I do with my 1 to 1 clients directly to you, online.

Through group meetings, held online via zoom  and live private facebook sessions (don't worry the technical side is easy!!)  we’ll explore the ways we can get out of our own way, move past limitations and gently connect with our authentic artist selves


As your guide , I’ll be showing you not only painting skills and business strategies that will expand you knowledge about painting,  connecting with your audience and understanding yourself as an artist.  You to see more clearly where you can take steps to improve your art, mindset and career.

Each week we’ll have three Live Group  Sessions where I’ll be working with you on that week’s content.  These sessions will be full of ideas, tools, inspiration, strategies and skill building – providing you with concrete methods for developing your art, your mindset and your business. I’ll even have some guest artists joining me to expand our conversation.


You'll feel inspired, empowered and ready to  take your painting and your art career further than you have before.


Enrolment for The Artist Development Programme is limited so that an intimate and supportive group can form. 

We begin March 15th, 2020

The Artist Development 6-week Group Program is offered to you for only £495 GBP 

Or two monthly payments of £249 GBP


The value of a Group Program is two-fold. There is so much knowledge within a group that can be shared . Having the opportunity to share your experience with other like-minded Artists, is helpful, and longterm supportive friendships can be formed.


And secondly – the economics make sense.

To work with me 1 to 1 in this way for 6 weeks would cost over £1000. The Artist Development Group Program offers you a unique learning opportunity at less half the price of 1 to 1 workshops.

© Helen Elliott

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