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summer stories

Each year I offer ten special  'Christmas Commissions'  - seasonal paintings based on clients' homes, families, and of course, their dogs. They'll be available to book from September. 

This summer, I've met many families on holiday here in West Wales and seen the happy times they have here together on the beaches, with their families and pups.


So this year, I'm excited to offer these 'Summer Stories'

small commissions based on your memories of holidays on the beach.
20 x 20cm acrylics on board,

based on your memories, your photographs


How does it work?
* Book your painting using the button below.
* Send me your photos and ideas

* I'll paint a special 20 x 20cm memory for you

Click the button below to reserve your Summer Story painting before 31st August

There are only five of these paintings available - please book soon if you'd like one



a favourite beach spot,

a special sunset

treasured family memories


send me your thoughts and photos

and I'll add the magic

capturing your summer stories on canvas

to treasure


Parrog with Immi.jpeg
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